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<span>Are you an</span> IT Professional?

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<span>Are you an</span> IT manager?

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<span>Are you a</span> Texas business owner?

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Borger Computer SupportWe know IT is not your business, but when you have down time due to computer problems, it’s like being out of business.   We know that having your own IT Department is out of the question when you are a small business.  So what do you do?  You call an IT guy that moonlights on the side after he gets off work or even worse your cousin Billy Bob who is good with “computers”.  But you know sooner or later that guy is going to let you down. Big time!  He never shows up on time, charges you for time he spends on Google trying to find the fix to your problem, talks to you in geek speak so you don’t understand him,  and then after the lost time, lost productivity, lost revenue and lost patience,  you are not even guaranteed its fixed properly.  

Sub-standard computer support can cost you thousands.  Your business deserves professional IT support.  So then what’s the solution you ask?  On Time Technology’s Hassle Free IT Support.  I know what you are thinking, that is what this guy I am using told me. I have heard it all before.  This is nothing new.  Well to be honest, you really haven’t.   You see we don’t want to be your computer guys, or even your IT department.  We want to be your trusted IT advisors.  We want to become part of your company.  We want to see your business succeed.  As a small business ourselves, that is our mission.   Success with technology!

For a flat monthly rate we will monitor and proactively support your technology in your business 24/7 so we can catch any trouble before it affects your business, before you have any costly down time.  But if you ever do, we deliver rapid and prompt support either remotely or onsite.  Whatever it takes to get your computer problem resolved, all for a flat monthly fee.  All support is included.  We want everything to work the way it’s supposed to all the time, because we make money when you make money.  We get paid the same no matter what.

So you’re probably thinking, how do we do this?  How can you keep me up and running when my current computer guy can’t even return my phone calls?  Well to begin with, we are not one guy; we don’t work from our cell phones and out of our car.  We don’t take support calls after we clock out from our full time job.  This is our full time job.  We actually have an office, you can come to.  We are a team of professionals who have been delivering IT solutions and support for over 7 years using state of the art technologies.     We are able to deliver our services so well, that our clients are HAPPY!   Their businesses are successful using technology because it just works.  Period!

We offer you a 90 second support guarantee.  The only computer consulting firm in Borger to do this!

So if you are looking for the absolute best IT support, with no hidden fees, or any smoke and mirrors, then give us a call, so you can be happy too.  Here at On Time Technology Solutions, we make technology Hassle Free.

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We had On Time Technology Solutions install the new server because they have a good reputation with other businesses in town and they know what they are doing. We like to use On Time Technology Solutions because they have a knowledgeable and friendly staff. They are our go to technology advisors.

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